This page details Rex’s feeding history.
We are trying to get H to keep a diary of when she is fed.
She is normally fed every Sunday, but shedding and some large food, given her size, might mean that it is longer.

DateEventDays Since
Last Feed
28/07/2012Got Rex0
05/08/2012Fed Fluff Mouse8
09/08/2012Fed Fluff Mouse4
13/08/2012Fed Fluff Mouse4
18/08/2012Fed Fluff Mouse5
23/08/2012Fed Fluff Mouse5
29/08/2012Fed Fluff Mouse6
05/09/2012Fed Fluff Mouse7
11/09/2012Fed Fluff Mouse6
16/09/2012Fed Fluff Mouse5
22/09/2012Fed Fluff Mouse6
27/09/2012Fed Fluff Mouse5
02/10/2012Fed Fluff Mouse5
08/10/2012Fed Fluff Mouse6
14/10/2012Fed Fluff Mouse6
20/10/2012Fed Fluff Mouse6
26/10/2012Fed Fluff Mouse6
01/11/2012Fed Fluff Mouse6
08/11/2012Fed Fluff Mouse7
15/11/2012Fed Fluff Mouse7
21/11/2012Fed Fluff Mouse6
27/11/2012Fed Fluff Mouse6
02/12/2012Fed Fluff Mouse5
07/12/2012Fed Fluff Mouse5
11/12/2012Fed Small Mouse4
15/12/2012Fed Small Mouse4
20/12/2012Fed Small Mouse5
26/12/2012Fed Small Mouse6
01/01/2013Fed Small Mouse6
08/01/2013Fed Small Mouse7
15/01/2013Fed Small Mouse7
22/01/2013Fed Small Mouse7
26/01/2013Fed Small Mouse4
31/01/2013Fed Small Mouse5
05/02/2013Fed Small Mouse5
10/02/2013Fed Small Mouse5
15/02/2013Fed Small Mouse5
20/02/2013Fed Small Mouse5
23/02/2013Fed Small Mouse3
28/02/2013Fed Small Mouse5
04/03/2013Fed Small Mouse4
10/03/2013Fed Small Mouse6
15/03/2013Fed Small Mouse5
20/03/2013Fed Small Mouse5
26/03/2013Fed Small Mouse6
31/03/2013Fed Small Mouse5
04/04/2013Fed Large Mouse4
12/04/2013Fed Large Mouse8
18/04/2013Fed Large Mouse6
25/04/2013Fed Large Mouse7
02/05/2013Fed Large Mouse7
09/05/2013Fed Large Mouse7
18/05/2013Fed Large Mouse9
25/05/2013Fed Large Mouse7
02/06/2013Fed Large Mouse8
09/06/2013Fed Large Mouse7
16/06/2013Fed Large Mouse7
30/06/2013Fed Large Mouse14
07/07/2013Fed Large Mouse7
14/07/2013Fed Large Mouse7
21/07/2013Fed Large Mouse7
28/07/2013Fed Jumbo Mouse7
11/08/2013Fed Jumbo Mouse14
18/08/2013Fed Jumbo Mouse7
25/08/2013Fed Jumbo Mouse7
01/09/2013Fed Jumbo Mouse7
08/09/2013Fed Jumbo Mouse7
29/09/2013Fed Jumbo Mouse21
06/10/2013Fed Jumbo Mouse7
13/10/2013Fed Jumbo Mouse7
20/10/2013Fed Jumbo Mouse7
27/10/2013Fed Small Rat Weaner7
10/11/2013Fed Small Rat Weaner14
17/11/2013Fed Small Rat Weaner7
24/11/2013Fed Small Rat Weaner7
01/12/2013Fed Jumbo Mouse7
08/12/2013Fed Small Rat Weaner7
15/12/2013Fed Small Rat Weaner7
22/12/2013Fed Small Rat Weaner7
29/12/2013Fed Large Rat Weaner7
12/01/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
26/01/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
02/02/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner7
09/02/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner7
23/02/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
09/03/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
20/04/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner42
04/05/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
18/05/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
01/06/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
15/06/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
29/06/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
20/07/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner21
03/08/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
24/08/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner21
07/09/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
21/09/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
05/10/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
19/10/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
02/11/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
16/11/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
30/11/2014Fed Large Rat Weaner14
14/12/2014Fed Small Rat14
11/01/2015Fed Small Rat28
15/02/2015Fed Small Rat35
15/03/2015Fed Small Rat28
07/07/2015Fed Large Rat Weaner114
26/07/2015Fed Large Rat Weaner19
16/08/2015Fed Large Rat Weaner21
30/08/2015Fed Small Rat14
04/10/2015Fed Small Rat35
01/11/2015Fed Small Rat28
29/11/2015Fed Small Rat28
10/01/2016Fed Small Rat42
07/02/2016Fed Small Rat28
03/07/2016Fed Small Rat147
29/08/2016Fed Small Rat57
02/10/2016Fed Small Rat34
04/12/2016Fed Small Rat63
01/01/2017Fed Small Rat28
05/03/2017Fed Small Rat63
04/06/2017Fed Small Rat91
28/07/2017Fed Small Rat54
03/09/2017Fed Small Rat37
01/10/2017Fed Small Rat28
03/12/2017Fed Small Rat63
04/02/2018Fed Small Rat63
03/06/2018Fed Small Rat119
29/07/2018Fed Small Rat56
14/10/2018Fed Small Rat77
02/12/2018Fed Small Rat49
03/02/2019Fed Small Rat63
14/04/2019Fed Small Rat70
07/07/2019Fed Small Rat84
04/08/2019Fed Small Rat28
01/09/2019Fed Small Rat28
06/10/2019Fed Small Rat35
03/11/2019Fed Small Rat28
01/12/2019Fed Small Rat28
26/01/2020Fed Small Rat56
02/03/2020Fed Small Rat36