09/03/2020 – Still Offline
Rex’s cameras as still offline. I have been way to busy with a side project of some DIY becoming a major project. I need to run some network cable and them add some code to pull the images off the camera and its done. If only it was that easy!

23/09/2019 – Offline still
Rex’s cameras are still offline. I hope to get some time over the next few months to get them operational again. Its taking far too long for my liking!

23/04/2019 – New Website
Rex now has a new website. The old one was a bit dated and i have moved it to a different server. I still need to get the cameras working!

09/10/2018 – Offline
Rex`s cameras maybe offline for a while as she has moved to a new house and network connectivity needs to be installed.

29/09/2015 – Camera`s
There seems to be some issues with the wireless cameras not connecting to the wireless network, or when they do they work and then disconnect randomly after a while.

22/02/2015 – Second Camera
Rex now has 2 camera`s in with her. The first is set to show her moss hut and water bowl, while the second one is showing her hide.

15/02/2015 – New vivarium
Rex moved into her new vivarium today. She has more height to hopefully climb up and move around on the branches (when they arrive). She also has some more depth as well. I have changed the IP Camera from an Axis to a much cheaper Tenvis. The Axis was useless compared to the Tenvis. As the vivarium is taller the IP Camera can pick up more. I will be adding a secon

28/07/2014 – 2 years
2 years ago today, H got Rex.

30/04/2014 – Shedding
Today was the first time since H got Rex that we managed to catch her shedding.
Normally she sheds during the evening / night and I find her shed skin when I check on H, but this time we watched her. Unfortunately her skin broke in a few places, so we didn`t have a whole skin to compare to the last shed to see how she had grown.

20/03/2014 – First escape
Well its happened, today Rex managed to escape from her vivarium! This is the first time since getting her. Somehow she managed to pull?? the grommet that housed the thermometers probe out of its hole and in the vivarium. Thankfully she ended up in her old moss hut which was sat on top of the vivarium, I only noticed as I walked in to check on H and see her sat inside it with her tail hanging out with her head just sticking out looking out at me! I will make sure that I plug up that escape route asap.

17/03/2014 –
Rex now has a website just like Yoda.